Most Popular Delicious Indian Tandoori Delights

Here’s a list of some lip-smacking and famous tandoori foods items that you must try on your next visit at The Yellow Chilly Restaurant, Jinja!

Tandoori food is not only delicious but is also an all-time favorite food for many people! May it be a house party, gatherings, buffets, or a marriage party! You will find tandoori food everywhere! Tandoori fish, tandoori chicken, tandoori tikka and tandoori naan! They are delicious and good for your health. Tandoori food is cooked in a tandoor which gives it a smoky and charcoal flavor that wakes up your senses instantly. Here’s a list of the best Tandoori food items that you must have at your party or on your plates served at your very own The Yellow Chilly Restaurant!

Indian Cuisine - Classic Tandoori Foods | Evergreen Dishes From The Tandoor

Tandoori Chicken

Think tandoori food and tandoori chicken is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind.  The most famous tandoori food - tandoori chicken is prepared to marinate the chicken in yogurt and spices and then roasted in a tandoor (clay oven). Tandoori chicken is best served with cucumber salad, cheese and garlic naan fingers, butter naan, cheese naan, and lots of onion and green chutney. This is the main dish loved by most when having a party or friends over!

Tandoori Paneer

One of the most famous vegetarian tandoori foods, this is one of the popular starters in our restaurant’s menu. It is smoky, spicy and a perfect blend of chilly and other flavors. It is prepared by marinating the paneer with yogurt, oil and salt. It is grilled along with some bell peppers and capsicum in tandoor. Tandoori paneer is served with pudina chutney and onion rings. Just to relax a bit, don’t forget to have one of your favorite beverages aside.

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Tandoori Murgh

Tandoori Murgh is one of the famous tandoori dishes this yogurt-marinated chicken is cooked in a tandoor. Traditionally it is cooked using a whole chicken but this recipe also tastes good when cooked using thighs, drumsticks or boneless breasts. Its tandoori smoky flavor is just heavenly but you can get the desired flavor at home as well. Tandoori Murg is the most popular Tandoori recipe and Yogurt and butter make it a mouthwatering one!

Tandoori Fish Tikka

This delicious tandoori food is prepared by using different fishes like Salmon, Monk Fish, Bass, Tilapia, Snapper and more. These are thickly coated and marinated in an onion-garlic paste, spices, and yogurt and then grilled in a tandoor until cooked. Served with fresh mint chutney and onions this tandoori food is relished by all!

Tandoori Naans

The most famous and versatile tandoori food! Naan is the soul of every Main Course (sabji) or daal that we order! May it be Butter Chicken or Butter Paneer! Dal Makhani or Shahi Paneer, Naan is a must! It has varieties like Butter Naan which is a soft Flatbread that is drenched with butter and served hot! Butter naan is the most liked naan by people around the world! The other types of Naan are Cheese Naan, Garlic Naan, Chilli Naan, Methi Naan, and Plain Naan.

Assorted Non-Vegetarian Tandoori Platter

Being a foodie it’s a hard choice to go with one of the tandoori starters or food items. Are we right? Don’t worry! We know you and your love for the tandoori food items. We do care for your taste buds too. After all, that’s for what here we are! Why don’t you give it a try for Specially Assorted Tandoori Non-Veg Platter? The perfect lip-smacking combination of Fish, Chicken, and Meat that will go best for any corporate party orders or family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or for any other celebrations. Don’t forget to order your Naans and refreshing beverages for the heavenly taste!

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