Traditional English Breakfast

The Full English Breakfast is England’s favorite way to start the day. With all your favorite breakfast items and a few you may not be familiar with. This is how you do breakfast, British style. So, bring your appetite as this is a big breakfast and not for the faint of heart.

What is a full English breakfast?

It doesn’t get anymore British than this because England has a National breakfast. There are usually 5-7 items that make up a full English breakfast depending on which items are included. Sometimes called a fry up, a full English is a hearty, hefty breakfast plate. According to the internet, Full English breakfast contains:

  1. Sausages – Go with regular breakfast sausages and get a bit of black pudding, which seems like most people insist on having as well.
  2. Back Bacon – This isn’t your regular bacon, which is made from pork belly, nope, back bacon is bacon that includes a little bit of the loin, kinda like a super thin pork chop but smoked.
  3. Eggs – Pretty straight forward, all the full English plates have sunny side up eggs, but you can go wild and cook them how you like. We don’t think the English breakfast police will come after you ;)
  4. Tomatoes – Classic field tomatoes, not romas, not cherry, not anything super fancy. These guys are cut in half along the equator and then seared in the pan and seasoned with salt and pepper. They aren’t really cooked, just given a little bit of color.
  5. Mushrooms – They’re cooked in the usual way, nicely browned and caramelized, halved.
  6. Fried bread – Thick cut bread fried in a pan with oil or drippings and never toasted. 
  7. Beans – Beans for breakfast? Sure, start the day with fiber. You have to have beans! Baked beans, just like American barbecue beans without the barbecue flavor, they are just in a plain tomato sauce.
  8. Beverage – Coffee or tea! Tea is traditionally English but coffee is perfectly acceptable too. Add milk, sugar, and/or cream based on personal preference.

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